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  1. Image Browser The quickest way to view and convert multiple images.

  2. PageFocus Intelligent software for drawing, form, document, and database. (shareware for Win 3.1 and 95, member ASP, ESC)

  3. QuotesNow! Stock Quotes/News/Graphs and more! Program for Windows 95/NT

  4. Desktop Maid from West End Software, Inc. Desktop Maid allows you to show or hide the icons found on your desktop. It also provides a quick access menu to your desktop items. Win95/NT

  5. WiNDeX - The Windows Index FREE SOFTWARE! The best shareware and FREEWARE archive on the net. Themes, fonts, winsock, games, & more...

  6. Wall Street The Bottom Line A must for the Investor,CPAs,Stock Broker

  7. ABACUS - Back to Basics! A highly efficient and exciting Math trainer - not just for kids! (shareware; talks English, German & Dutch)

  8. Rosenthal Engineering Shareware Rosenthals award winning shareware available autthor direct

  9. AT&T International Travel Utility freeware for travelers' laptops or desktops - travel info and guide to communicating from anywhere in the world

  10. Charter Software PC - General Ledger for Windows Shareware version of PC - General Ledger, a simple, fast bookkeeping program, for small businesses, not-for profit organizations or personal use.

  11. PROFIENT The business manager software Every business�manager can now easily document,�organize and retrieve who does what,�why, where, when and how in the�organization.

  12. **GunnINC** **GunnINC** is a shareware producing company that creates games, utilites, and other products. Come se us!

  13. The Shareware Author indeX (SAX) Find over 1900 shareware homepages, 800 authors, reviews, downloads, order-forms

  14. Cascoly Free Online games & Shareware Puzzle & strategy games, free online games, clipart, more!

  15. Rocket Download Your better choice for downloading. All programs in our huge archive have screenshots, reviews and author info. All new discussion groups!

  16. Atlantis Software Development Author of Easycab Cabinet Design Software Shareware.

  17. Free Decoders for Internet mail files Decode without knowing (or caring) what format the file is in (UUE,Base64,BinHex, XXE supported).

  18. Search and Replace for Windows 95/NT grep utility with replace capabilities, UUE/Base64/BinHex decoders, directory/file compare tools for Windows 95, more.

  19. Bowl101w for Windows Bowling league management for Windows and Dos

  20. VxDesk Size an application window to larger than screen size.

  21. InTouch Contact Manager Powerful, economic and easy to use Windows contact manager.

  22. Playful Minds Green Thumb Cards, exciting shareware card game with 30 free deals

  23. Pass The Shareware Please It's a software junkies dream URL

  24. Window95.com Top-quality shareware indexed by category. Easy to use.

  25. SoftSeek The Source for Software - Shareware, Freeware and Evaluation Software

  26. Master Developer Inc. Great Educational Shareware Programs for children.

  27. Shareware Shop Your one stop shareware resource for authors, gamers, and users alike.

  28. Pink Calendar [Calendar & Day Planner program] for Windows 95/NT

  29. Quick Post for Windows Have Post-It Notes on your screen at a flick of a button. Win3.1 or Win95

  30. GrayMATTERS Knowledge Foundry GrayMATTERS SciWAVE! metric conversion program

  31. POW Productions Free Games Free Shareware Computer Games

  32. The Freeware Publishing Site Freeware, freeware and freeware

  33. English, French & Spanish Shareware Very good shareware for Windows 3.x & 95 in English, French & Spanish. To see!

  34. France & Associates Home Page educational shareware for the Macintosh

  35. Loan*Calculator! Plus Award winning freeware, 7 calculators, PC Computing say best Loan/Lease program

  36. NetJumper Browser Assistant- avoids backclicking, users click forward to where they want to go

  37. Soft Concepts Windows Shareware & Freeware

  38. Jumbo! The Coolest Shareware Site on the Web! 93,000+ Freeware and Shareware Programs!

  39. Registration Manager

  40. The Dictator Dictating Program (shareware 15$)

  41. WaverlyStreet DOS shareware - home/office - NEW APP in beta phase

  42. Tim Gerchmez's Freeware and Shareware Win16 and Win32 shareware and freeware, DOS programmer's libraries.

  43. Retirement Planner Shareware program for retirement finance planning

  44. Easy Pool - NCAA Office Pool Manager Run your own March Madness Office Pool with this easy to use Pool Manager for Windows and Windows 95.

  45. Golf Scenes Screen Saver, Slideshow Ultra 32-bit Check out our executive screen savers! The best on the net! :)

  46. EZ-Zip for Windows It's so easy, it's fun!

  47. Dan's Homepage Files, Links, ECT..... Come Check It Out!!

  48. Toggle Software inc. Various Win95/NT productivity enhancing utilities. Cool new web-monitoring tool just released! (all shareware)

  49. Real-Time Audio Effects Devoted to real-time audio effects--in software, on your PC!

  50. Ranson's Freeware and Shareware CGI Scripts Interactive scripts for the web. Bulkmail script for sending emails to many recipents one at a time. A companion script to Mamsofco's Email Extractor.

  51. Freedom Desktop Lite Desktop Manager for Unix

  52. WellsCom MS-DOS Shareware

  53. Shetef Solutions Windows Shareware Shetef Solutions Windows shareware

  54. A Thousand Downloads No hard drive to big for us.

  55. ZDNet Software Library thousands of top-quality shareware, freeware, and demo programs, all rated, reviewed and available from ZDNet, the #1 source of computing information

  56. Mike's Software Page Links to various software sites

  57. Shortcut Systems Software Windows NT Network Management Shareware

  58. PJ SoftWare's Shareware Shareware Windows Screen Savers. (Home of Your Own)

  59. ARCaine Technology Home Page 2col and jetcol paper-saving print utilities for DOS and Windows

  60. Free Telephony Software for Dialogic / Compatibles After the 30 days free trial of a full blown Multi-line version, the single line software version remains free and fully functional forever!

  61. Internet Software Solutions Ltd Secur-iT (3.74) Shareware

  62. SharePaper Reviews the best software... you can download!

  63. Home Video Library Home Video Library is a film and video collector's cataloging program.

  64. FLFSoft, Inc. Microsoft Windows Freeware and Shareware

  65. Cryptogram Corner Links to cryptogram shareware and cryptograms

  66. Snagit Advanced Screen Capture

  67. ShareDirect - the future of shareware... Cool games and utilities...

  68. Vision Corporation's Shareware Page Sidescape is an advanced off-line web browser which works with Netscape Navigator.

  69. SmartDraw Software Free Trial Draw Flowcharts, diagrams, web images & business graphics.

  70. RKS Software, Inc. Shareware and Freeware for Windows and DOS

  71. Tierra Highlights2 Web Monitoring Tool

  72. LotWin - Lottery Line Builder The software for any 6/49 lottery that puts YOU in Control! Download Free evaluation copy.

  73. The Payroll Store for Windows Payroll accounting software for windows

  74. The GL Store for Windows Double entry general ledger accounting software for windows

  75. The Video Store POS system for the video rental stores

  76. The Invoice Store Invoicing, POS and Customer Tracking software.

  77. The ThoughtWare Co. Homepage shareware, children, educational

  78. Pace Computing and Shareware We have shareare, freeware, windows 95 help and games like Quake by id software

  79. ediSys Home Page Windows 95 utilities and games, eZip Wizard,eSpace Analyst, eWords, eFtp Explorer

  80. File Mine Over 95,000 Shareware Freeware Games and Commercial Demos

  81. Mr Vegas Gambling and Windows 95 Software Gambling Software, Video Poker free Windows Las Vegas Guide

  82. AccSoft Shareware Top-rated Win3.1 and Win95 accounting shareware for business and private use

  83. ShareIt! Shareware Registration Service - Download and Register Online!

  84. Chaotic Software Mac Shareware & Freeware

  85. Audio Architect The latest in software audio synthesis available as shareware. Recreates analog modular synthesis on a PC.

  86. UCALC for Windows Testers needed for calculator program

  87. PlanWare - Business Planning & Enterprise Business plan and financial planning shareware for new and established businesses. Also lots of advice and help on business matters.

  88. Photodex CompuPic Graphic, sound, video file manager.

  89. Devasoft & Amy's Educational Shareware For must-have educational software for your child, visit Amy's home on the web. Learning has just gotten a lot (ruffer) with Amy!

  90. CheckMail The CheckMail homepage - A great POP3 checker

  91. Lawrence Goetz's Shareware for Children Children's shareware for MS Windows. Games and Educational titles.

  92. ASL Educational and Home Software

  93. Robert's Freeware Page Free 3D Studio IPAS, 2D/3D freeware, PowerBASIC Sources & MORE !

  94. Excel Progs Shareware Organization Multimedia shareware for Win3.x/Win95. Players, screensavers, much more! Plus links to other shareware sites.

  95. Software Store Products Shareware for the small business. Free downloads.

  96. SKreen Saver Directory Your shortcut to tons of screen savers.

  97. DynoTech Software Games Download games and educational software for Windows, Windows 95, and OS/2 Warp. Join DynoTech on a new 'Wacky Web Walk of the Week' each Monday.

  98. Jim's Shareware Links Links to free software. Great place for beginner's and the experinced. Advertise your shareware here free.

  99. Directory Toolkit for Windows 95/NT Compare and synch. directories, compare files, touch, sort, split/concatenate, UUENCODE/decode, Base64, Binhex files.

  100. Search(grep) and Replace for Windows 95/NT, 3.1x Grep utility with many options, color coded display, replace in many files/dirs. Can search through ZIP files, use regular expressions. Shareware

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