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January 26, 1998: DWP Must Inspect Electrical Work.

DWP has informed us that power will be down several hours this afternoon while they inspect our electrical work. All repairs have been made and this is apparently a DWP requirement. This will happen at about 2:00pm PST. Thanks for your patience.

January 24, 1998: Electrical problems solved.

As of late Friday afternoon all electrical problems have been fixed. We don't expect any more down time due to power problems. Total cost of our repairs ran about $16,000.00 and took 7 days over 2 weeks. Total down time was about 39 hours during that period. We would like to take this time to thank everybody for their patience and understanding. It was nice to know our users appreciate what we do here.

January 21, 1998: System going down Friday.

Friday the 23rd the system will down most of the day starting at 6:00am PST. We expect the system to be up by late afternoon. Thanks in advance for your understanding.

January 19, 1998: System is back up.

As of 6:00pm PST our system was back online. Unfortunately we were not able to finish all repairs. Therefore we will be experiencing more downtime Friday the 23rd. Times will be posted as soon they are known. Thanks for all the positive support you, our users, have given us during this trying time.

January 15, 1998: System will be down Monday.

Monday January 19th we will be replacing our transformer therefore we will have no power for most of the day. We hope to have power restored by late afternoon. UUNet, our backbone provider, will be holding all incoming mail until our servers are back up. We hope this will be the last of our electrical problems.

January 12, 1998: Rain causes power outage.

The rain Friday night caused our transformer to blow shutting down our system until late Saturday afternoon. Our backup generator was also disabled leaving us only with UPS power to run our incoming mail server.

October 2, 1997: New Servers have been installed.

The new servers have been installed, including a new DNS machine which should make site location more effective.

September 29, 1997: JLM adds 4 new Servers

The system will be down October 1, 1997 for about 4 hours while we add new access and mail servers. This will add more redundant services which will protect email more effectively.

September 22, 1997: JLM adds new support pages

Our new help files should make problem solving easier. Please let us know if we need to add anything.

August 30, 1997: JLM donates new computers to Alemany High School

JLM and Arttech Multimedia in Mission Hills have donated 14 new Pentium machines for Alemany's Computer lab.

April 22, 1997: JLM adds Interactive Chat Server

JLM Internet Services now provides chat services for its customers. With client software that resides on your machine you can now interact with other users in a virtual world. To access these services you must obtain the client software from The Palace. Then come back here and follow this link. Please check back as more information will be forthcoming!

January 29, 1997: JLM donates services to Alemany High School in Mission Hills, CA.

JLM Internet Services in cooperation with Alemany High School is now offering high speed internet access to all faculty, students and family members of Alemany High School. These services include unlimited Internet access 24 hours a day, e-mail, ftp, news groups, and web hosting services. Alemany's home page can be viewed on the world wide web at WWW.ALEMANY.PVT.K12.CA.US. All students will receive free Internet access during school hours with a signed consent form from a parent or legal guardian. In addition, JLM is offering home Internet access at a discounted rate to members of the Alemany community.

Parental Control

Information on software to control access on the internet can be found at the following locations:

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