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Standard Access Account $17.95*
- Unlimited 24 Hour Internet Access
- 2 E-mail Accounts
- Newsgroups
- 5 Megs of Web Space

* Requires a one time $15.00 setup fee!

Enhanced Access Accounts
- Includes standard access account options
- $15.95 per month for 6 months***
- $13.95 per month for 12 months***
*** Requires payment in full with NO setup fee!

Internet Service Provider serving the
San Fernando and Santa Clarita Valleys for as low as $13.95 per month for UNLIMITED Internet access and Interactive Chat.

Busy Signals...What's That?

We have heard the horror stories a million times over. Busy signal after busy signal, lost in the customer support call query, you stress to find the answer to today's pressing question and get put on hold until tomorrow. Sound familiar? Well if it does, than you're just like thousands of other subscribers across the country, who day after day, settle for a substandard Internet service. Why do people accept this abuse day after day? Well, because they just don't know any better!

JLM can deliver the service you deserve and for a fraction of the cost as well! You see, we feel by giving our subscribers the service they deserve, we can build a lasting relationship, It's a simple idea which we feel has been overlooked by other Internet Service providers and we're here to bring it back!

Our services include 33.6 Kbps connections to the net, Frame Relay services, Web Hosting for both business and personal, Custom Web Design, System Integration and Network Development. From Corporate Accounts to the individual end-user, we do it ALL!

For more information on our services, please call 805 295-6824 or send us email. You can also visit our links such as the OH Cleveland Pro Garage Door Repair


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